Hearing Aid Pricing and Services

Hearing Aid Pricing and Service Fees

$195 New Patient Appointment

New Patient's receive a comprehensive Communication Needs Assessment. We test in quiet and in noise. You will be asked to complete some pretesting functional questionnaires. Your results will then be reviewed and together we will determine the best plan of treatment for your specific needs.
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$75 One week demonstration (available for in-office appointments only)

We offer a one week hearing aid demonstration. This gives you time to see if hearing aids are right for you. This also helps us determine the best level of technology and style for your lifestyle.

$225 Reprogramming of Current Hearing Aids

If you currently wear hearing aids and feel you are not hearing well we will do a hearing test and perform Real Ear Measurements. Real Ear Measurements are the gold standard used to determine whether or not a hearing aid user is receiving the precise level of amplification needed at every frequency to achieve the best speech understanding. Your hearing aids will be reprogrammed based on these measurements. You then have the option to choose a Continuing Care Plan.

Based upon your hearing test results and your lifestyle, amplification options may be recommended.

If a hearing aid would benefit you, your audiologist will discuss with you which treatment plan would best fit your individual needs and improve your quality of life.

Continued Care Plan

Once we've determined the best technology and style of hearing aids are right for you select a Continuing Care Plan. This is an annual subscription paid to our practice for preventive care. These plans provide care for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months you will have an annual evaluation and will be given the option to renew your plan. These plans can also be used if you purchased hearing aids elsewhere.

Continuing Care Plan for First Coast Audiology Office

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