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Comprehensive hearing and speech services for all ages.

Happy family going on a trip in Florida
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Hearing Tests
in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

A hearing test is beneficial for individuals of all ages. If you suspect you or your child has hearing loss, the first step is a hearing test. Our audiologists offer diagnostic tests to assess your hearing ability. The evaluation is easy and won’t take long.

You will sit in a soundproof booth with a pair of headphones on and listen for a series of sounds varying in pitch and loudness (pure-tone audiometry). The sounds you cannot hear will be tracked on an audiogram (a visual representation of your hearing loss). Our hearing specialists will also perform a speech audiometry test to assess how well you can hear certain words in both quiet and in noise, as well as a middle ear function test.

Once we have the results of your hearing test, we will go over them with you and work together to create a treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Cognitive Screening

Hearing ability is the number one modifiable risk factor for cognitive decline. People with untreated hearing loss experience a 30%-40% greater decline in cognitive abilities and an increased risk of developing dementia. Because your hearing ability is so deeply connected to your brain health, we offer Cognivue screening.

Cognivue screening is a five-minute, self-administered test that evaluates three cognitive functions: memory, visuospatial, and executive function as well as reaction time and speed processing. This screening is a major step toward identifying cognitive decline caused by depression, anxiety, and hearing loss. To learn more about Cognivue, please contact us.

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Cognivue Thrive - Cognitive Screening Technology
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Zing Performance

First Coast Audiology and First Coast Brain Builders is the first in our area to offer Zing Performance, a program designed to enhance your cognitive abilities, sharpen your focus, and equip you with strategies to manage distractions effectively. Zing uses research-backed science to help patients unlock new levels of skills and abilities. This program is for adults and children.

To learn more about Zing, please contact our office directly.

Earwax Removal

Earwax can become impacted causing clogged ears, infection, and muffled hearing. Our hearing specialists are trained to carefully and thoroughly remove stubborn earwax. There are a few different ways to remove impacted earwax, including ear irrigation as well as specific tools to gently remove wax out of the ear canal.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids are the best tool to manage hearing loss and are incredibly durable, providing you with amplification on a daily basis. However, sometimes your hearing aids may require repairs or routine maintenance. At First Coast Audiology, our team can perform hearing aid repairs in the office, often on the same day. Our team are experts in hearing technology and can reprogram your devices, fix the tubing, replace domes and wax filters, and troubleshoot any problem that may arise.

We now have a hearing aid test box which allows us to verify the technical specifications of your hearing aids. With this tool, we can test harmonic distortion, frequency responses, and battery drain. If your hearing aids are not performing as well as they used to, please bring them in and we will troubleshoot the issue.

If your hearing aids have sustained more severe damage, we can send them to the manufacturer to be fixed.

Redux a device to remove moisture from hearing aids


Hearing aids are incredibly durable and are water resistant, built to withstand everyday wear and tear. You should never wear your hearing aids in the water, swimming, or when showering. If your hearing aids do become submerged in water, we now offer a new technology to remove moisture.

The Redux system safely and completely removes moisture from hearing aids, implants, and hearables in just minutes while providing verification of water removed. Redux’s patented technology creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water and then safely applies heat to remove moisture from both traditionally powered and rechargeable devices. An internal humidity sensor allows the hardware to wirelessly report the amount of moisture removed in real-time.

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Custom Hearing Protection

Loud noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss in people of all ages. If you are exposed to noise that exceeds 85 decibels, you should wear hearing protection. Sounds that exceed 85 decibels can be detrimental to hearing ability and the damage is irreversible. At our hearing center, we can create custom fit earplugs and ear molds that protect your hearing while allowing you to still hear the sounds around you. Custom fit hearing protection is essential for construction workers, musicians, sports enthusiasts, shooters, and anyone else who spends time where the noise can get loud.

Protect your hearing now and for the future by making an appointment for custom fit hearing protection!


Have you ever heard a buzzing, humming, roaring, ringing, or whistling sound in your ears when no other sounds were present? It is most likely tinnitus. Tinnitus, commonly called “ringing in the ears,” is a common phenomenon, affecting millions of individuals. Tinnitus itself is not a hearing disorder, but rather a symptom of another problem, such as hearing loss, circulatory disorders, loud noise exposure, head trauma, or stress.

Tinnitus itself is not a cause of concern, however if you experience persistent tinnitus that will not go away and interferes with your quality of life, then you should have your overall hearing checked. Our audiologists can diagnose tinnitus and help you experience relief. Our team takes a holistic approach to managing tinnitus, focusing on the underlying condition to help diminish your symptoms.

If you have tinnitus in conjunction with hearing loss, hearing aids with a tinnitus masking feature can help. These devices are controlled by an app on your smartphone that allows you to play soothing sounds to distract your brain from tinnitus.

While hearing aids won’t stop ringing in the ears completely, they can help you experience relief.

VA Services

First Coast Audiology is proud to serve Veterans. Working with the VA to access benefits can take some time. Our hearing center is part of the VA’s Community Care Network program. This allows us to help you obtain hearing aids and assistive listening devices through our office with less wait. Another way we are committed to making hearing healthcare services accessible is by also providing compensation testing which has to be scheduled through the VA.

Father back from military with his son looking for veteran hearing services

Auditory Processing Disorders

First Coast Brain Builders uses an interprofessional model of intervention to provide services to school-aged children who have an auditory processing disorder. With a team of audiologists and a speech pathologist, we take the whole child into account in order to assess the contribution of APD to academic, communicative, and educational difficulties. Together, we will develop a plan and provide intervention.


We will ask you to complete questionnaires prior to your appointment. At the first appointment you will be scheduled with an audiologist who will evaluate written and oral language, speech, and related capabilities.


The second appointment will be scheduled with a speech pathologist who will administer a hearing test to make sure your child’s hearing is normal. Then a series of tests in a sound-booth will be conducted. Your child will be asked to attend to various sounds and words in challenging environments.


You will be contacted for a 3rd appointment to discuss the results and a treatment plan with the speech pathologist and the audiologist in about 2 weeks once their tests have been scored and reports have been written.

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