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Welcome to First Coast Audiology and First Coast Brain Builders

Our practice is proud to provide quality speech, language and hearing services to Jacksonville communities and neighboring areas. Our patient-centered approach utilizes the latest technologies and evidence-based therapies to establish individualized treatment plans for children and adults. We understand how the brain works and go beyond the traditional audiogram to see how you or your child process information. This knowledge of the brain has led us expand our services to children and adults through First Coast Brain Builders. FCBB uses an interprofessional model of intervention. Our team is composed of Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologist, and an Education Specialist. 

In addition to expert-informed care, we are committed to making our hearing healthcare services accessible to everyone. We work with Lend an Ear Outreach, a nonprofit connecting people living below the poverty line to hearing healthcare. Our practice is also proud to serve Veterans by participating in the VA’s Community Care Network program. Our goal is to transform hearing health so that you can live life fully.

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What Makes Us Different

  • We slow everything down so you don’t feel rushed
  • We take a complete case history
  • Assess your understanding ability in quiet and noisy environments
  • Screening to see how your brain processes information using the Cognivue
  • Educate on the findings
  • Work together with you to create and implement a treatment program
  • We use best practices when fitting hearing aids including Real-Ear Measurements
  • We measure your progress 6 months after we start working together
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Our suite of services focuses on identifying and treating your specific hearing needs. Our team of specialists are experts in the field of audiology and are trained in best practices. We offer quality services including comprehensive testing, hearing aid repairs, custom hearing protection, as well as earwax removal. In addition to hearing aids, we provide access to various additional hearing technologies that also support hearing health. This includes assistive listening devices, hearing aid compatible technologies, as well as accessories.

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Hearing Aids

We take the time to find the perfect hearing aids that optimally meet your needs. Our practice works with industry-leading hearing aid brands that produce cutting-edge devices. This includes Oticon, Signia, Widex, Starkey, Resound, Phonak, and Unitron. Our team is knowledgeable about the latest hearing aid models and features available, allowing us to make effective recommendations. In addition to helping you navigate your hearing aid options, our practice also offers hearing aid maintenance and repair services to best maintain your device.


Speech & Auditory Processing

FCBB uses an interprofessional model of intervention to provide services to school-aged children presenting with auditory processing disorders. Our team is composed of audiologists, speech-language pathologist, and an education specialist. Together we take the whole child into account in order to assess the contribution of APD to academic, communicative and educational difficulties. Together we develop a treatment plan and provide intervention. No single profession can address all.
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Patient Reviews

I am thankful for the professional and helpful manner of Melisa Sharpe - she and her staff have been amazing in helping me to adapt to my new hearing aids - finding the ones that are the best for me and working with me to get them adjusted to my lifestyle. They make it easy to communicate and are very responsive to phone, text, and email communications. I would absolutely recommend First Coast Mobile Audiology for your hearing needs.
Tom Q.