What is the Cognivue Screener?

The Cognivue Thrive is similar to a neurologists’ assessment of cognitive function. It is a 5-minute self-administered screening that removes the potential for bias. The Cognivue detects potential cognitive impairment so patients can address modifiable risk factors to potentially change the course of their impairment. The device is FDA approved and examines the following areas of the brain.

  • Memory: Your ability to store and recall information when required.
  • Visuospatial: Your capacity to receive and understand visual information about yourself and your surroundings.
  • Executive function: is your ability to focus and solve problems.
  • Reaction time: Your ability to physically react to situations.
  • Processing speed: The time it takes to process a task mentally.
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What does hearing have to do with cognition?

According to Dr. Frank Lin, an otolaryngology professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, dementia increases as the severity of an untreated hearing loss increases. The brain is responsible for processing and interpreting sounds. When hearing loss is present, the part of the brain responsible for decoding sounds starts to shrink due to lack of use. The brain will then relocate its resources to another part of the brain. The less we activate our brains through communication with other people, the less we use our brains to hear and listen.

With untreated hearing loss you must work harder to understand what is being said. Conversations take a lot of mental energy and place unnecessary cognitive load on the brain. When this happens there of your brain to use on memory or other cognitive functions.

The Cognivue screening helps audiologists develop the best treatment plan based on the individual’s hearing health. If Cognitive decline is indicated, the audiologist will refer the individual to the appropriate medical professional for further examination. A treatment plan will then be suggested and the screening will be repeated in 2-4 months. With regular screenings will detect early signs and allow us to take a proactive approach to dementia.

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